Ariana Grande teases more new music with ‘R.E.M’ post

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The singer recently put out single ‘No Tears Left To Cry’

Ariana Grande R.E.M
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has teased more new music, with a Twitter post that read: “R.E.M”.

The singer recently put out her first song since the bombing at her Manchester Arena concert. ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ featured a gospel introduction, while the video alluded to Manchester, with a symbolic bee flying across the screen at the end.

Now, Grande has hinted that another song is set to follow closely behind it. Taking to Twitter yesterday (April 28), she posted the letters “R.E.M” and what looked like lyrics. “Last night… boy I met you… yea …. when I was sleeeeeep … you’re such a dream to me,” read one post.

Another said: “and it was on a day like this … yeah … if you can belieeeeve … if you can believe … you’re such a dream to me.”

The singer has yet to confirm a release date for the track, but did respond to a fan who used the hashtag #3daysuntilREM. “Not quite yet,” Grande wrote. “u know I can’t resisssst sum times. I love u.”

The star made a surprise appearance at the second weekend of Coachella (April 20), dropping into Kygo’s set to perform ‘No Tears Left To Cry’. She also treated the Californian audience to a cover of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ – a track that has been remixed by Kygo in the past.

Meanwhile, speaking earlier this year, manager Scooter Braun also explained the huge emotional toll that the Manchester attack had on the singer. “When she found out that fans of hers had died, she was… so sad,” Braun revealed during an appearance on the Big Questions with Carl Fussman podcast.

“She cried for days, she felt everything – every face they announced, every name, she wore on her sleeve. Every bit of emotion because that’s who she is. And the thing I will always remember is that she goes, ‘If I don’t do something, I’m not who I say I am to these people.’”

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Ariana Grande teases more new music with ‘R.E.M’ post

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